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Who would benefit from this class?

New commercial agents (or those early in their career) will benefit in how Todd breaks down the imperative basics of the industry, demonstrating the importance of analyzing ALL aspects of a transaction.

Seasoned commercial brokers will find that Todd teaches from a unique perspective, and helps those who have been in the business for a long time find creative ways to help deals move forward during this unique economical climate, and what change indicators to analyze.

Residential professionals who "dabble" in commercial, or have clients asking them about commercial properties. This course will help them speak more knowledgeably about commercial and know where the risks/pitfalls can be. Also to know whether they would like to pursue it further, or find more of a comfort level working out a referral relationship with a commercial broker.

Individuals/agents who maintain their own portfolio of investment properties will learn what to look for when maneuvering their own, family or client properties.

Anyone considering a potential career or involvement in commercial real estate.

Overall each attendee will be given valuable commercial marketing and financial analysis tools, which are not available elsewhere. The hands-on structure will walk each student through actual case studies, when they can apply learned material and tie it all together.

"...dynamic financial analysis tools and high-tech resources that can be put to use TODAY. From beginner to expert I highly recommend taking this course!"

Ken Wimberly, CCIM
Managing Director
NCPG Texas | KW Commerical
"Highly recommend this class to EVERYONE, that has any relationship with commercial property..."

Susan Mooney
Commercial & Residential REALTOR
"WOW! Great value. I got my mojo back!"

Larry Culbertson
Managing Director
KW Commercial Atlanta
"The light came on for me during this class. ...this class gave me some tools to start my commercial real estate business. LOVED IT!"

Sabre L. Cofer
"I've been in commercial real estate for 40 years. I've been to four of Todd's presentations, and every time I learn something new."

Charlie Lockwood
Managing Director
KW Commercial Atlanta
"An amazing class! He (Todd) provided tools that are invaluable in the field, making me feel all the more confident going out into the field as a commercial agent."

Mia Marchand
KW Commercial Miami
"I'm blown away by how incredible of an experience it was."

Jim McCoy
Managing Director
KW Commercial Miami
"...the class offers a wealth of information. It gives you the knowledge you need to be good counsel to your customers."

Lysis Castro
Residential Specialist, Miami Beach
"I really enjoyed getting back to the basics, and taking on some new technology. Putting those together... is really going to springboard me back into my future, that is very, very bright right now."

David Dunn, CCIM, SIOR
Managing Director
Sperry Van Ness | Dunn Commercial
"This class was the best commercial training the most usable information that I have attended in my 10 year tenure as a commercial broker. Will attend future classes from Todd and will recommend other commercial brokers/agents in my office to attend. Todd has a wealth of knowledge and presentation skills superior to all other commercial instructors attended. Thank you."
- Ronald G. McCoy, KW Commercial Plano, TX

"Billed as valuable for all levels of skill and it was."
-Moore Matthews, CPA, Broker Associate

"I have been in Commercial Real Estate for over 27 years and this class covered topics rarely discussed in the multitude of CE courses I have taken. It was fast paced and filled with outstanding technology."
- Jerry Heaton, Sr. Managing Consultant/Principal, Paradigm Tax Group

"Todd Kuhlmann is a great presenter and educator!"
- John M. Doucette, REALTOR

"Information on investor mindset and investor/client presentation examples, along with technical resources/apps/tools were collectively FANTASTIC! Class was STUNNING! (And, I'm not being generous!) Open discussion, fast-paced, deluge of information, one-stop shop for unbelievable collection of current resources, and knowledgeable facilitator. Todd was masterful. My past life was training and I can "expertly" say that he brought his "A-Game". He is inclusive, thorough, motivating, encouraging, and spot-on!"
- Cathy Morris, KW

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and, as a novice commercial real estate investor, profited immeasurably from Todd's analytical tools and personalized attention to my learning objectives. Your program seems priced too low for the value delivered. Maybe much too low!"

- C. Gilson, Investor
"This class was one of the best for commercial real estate professionals. I would highly recommend it for anyone new to the field as well as seasoned professionals who need a refresher course on materials. It was well worth the time. Todd did an outstanding job presenting the information."
- Randal Levingston, Corporate RE Manager

"Excellent teacher never a wasted moment. One of the best classes."
- Ray Shellam, RE Consultant

"One of the most informative training sessions I have taken. I would recommend it to anyone in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Todd is one of the most knowledgeable & informed instructors I have had in my 45 years. I look forward my next class with him."
- Anonymous

"Todd made the class very interesting and interactive. This class was well worth the small investment that I made for this amount of invaluable education."
- Diadra Ackols, REALTOR

"I'm amazed at the amount of great information that Todd shared with our class in a two day period. This was well worth the 4 hour drive."
- Todd Akers, Commercial Broker

"This class was phenomenal.  If you are new to the business, this is a MUST take class.  If you are a seasoned broker, there is PLENTY to re-learn, as well as new technology that is Highly effective.  Take this class and your sales and productivity will triple if you implement the systems."
- Anonymous
"If you have even the slightest interest in ever doing anything Commercial in real estate, you should have the tools presented in this class."
- Hardy Warmack, Associate Broker/Director, KW Commercial

"If you are new to the Commercial RE market this is a must take course worth much more than the training fee! Todd makes it fun and is very enthusiastic!"
- Jorge Couto, REALTOR

"This is the best of the best short versions of tools and applications we can utilize in our comm r.e. career."
- Patricia del Rincon, KW Commercial

"This dynamic class and presentation will open avenues and assist you in achieving that next level of success in your business."
- Mike Sharman, REALTOR

"The course surpassed my expectations. I would not only recommend taking the class, but due to the sheer amount of quality information presented, I plan on possibly retaking it one to three times until I learn everything presented. It's that good."
- Ryan Dartez, REALTOR

"If you're considering Commercial Real Estate career or strengthen your skills as a Commercial Real Estate agent, I highly recommend taking this course."
- Ranger Bob Watkins - KW Coppell Texas

"Thank you for a meaningful two day real estate course.  Most 'continuing education' courses are dull and not very useful, but your course has great value"
- B. Walner, Broker

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