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A course packed with the technology you need to market yourself, your properties and your services in Real Estate.
Who would benefit from this class?

Residential and Commercial specialists seeking fresh ways to create inbound leads.

Individual practitioners looking to establish or enhance their online professional marketing presence, in order to draw in substantially more leads.

Small to large brokerage companies who want to build their virtual presence or advance existing online marketing techniques, further optimizing inbound lead generation.

Technology users of all levels will learn both how to enter into online marketing, and strategies on how to branch out and build upon existing structure.

Anyone interested in online business marketing, lead generation using technology, and how to integrate and strengthen them.
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  1. Learn inbound and outbound marketing techniques
  2. How Fortune 500 companies have changed their marketing techniques to take advantage of today's technology and mobile audience
  1. Learn what makes an effective website
  2. How to increase your search engine ranking (SEO) for your website
  3. Individual and corporate websites
  4. Drive more visitors to your website
  5. Using your website to build your database - while you sleep!
Press Releases
  1. When to write a press release
  2. Tips and Techniques for writing a press release
  3. Where to distribute and submit your press releases
  1. Learn more about Blogs and why they are used in Real Estate
  2. Create a Blog
  3. Submit articles to your Blog – manually & automatically!
Technology Tools
  1. We will provide an overview of many programs to enhance your business and make you more efficient
  2. Moving your business to the Cloud
    Cost effective and secure ways to:
    - Maintain backups of your computer
    - Sync files
    - Collaborate and share files with clients and other agents
Mobile Apps
  1. Preview the latest apps for Real Estate
    - Real Estate Analysis Apps
    - Demographic and Location Analysis Apps and how to use them to assist your clients
    - QR Codes
    - Mind Mapping and how to use it to win listing presentations
    - Word, Excel, and PDF manipulation and Cloud access
Social Media
  1. Learn why mastering Social Media is important in both commercial & residential Real Estate
  2. Overcome common roadblocks in using Social Media
  3. How to master Social Media to increase your bottom line
  4. Learn to become efficient in using Social Media and increase your followers in as little as 2 hours per week
Technology and Marketing Business Plan
  1. Create a Technology & Marketing Business Plan using the information learned in class to implement in your business.
  2. Learn how others have implemented their plan from this class to make money and expand their business within weeks.

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