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"This course is seminal. It really helped congeal for me the role of social media, and how I can actually implement it constructively, on a comprehensive level, and on mini-steps immediately. The course covers a lot of valuable ground, right at that leading edge where technology can establish you as a credible, substantial, modern expert. It's one of those courses that probably merits taking once a year, to get the full dose of what is changing and how we can implement it to better perform. "
      - Hugh Wade, Spire Commercial, Anchorage, AK

"Not only did I receive the foundation for developing a High Tech Marketing Plan, I was given an outline for implementation. Well done."
      - Gary W. Berwick, Los Angeles, CA

"It gave me a lot of great insight into using platforms specifically for CRE"
"The course has taken my knowledge of marketing for CRE to a whole new level."

"...came away with new tips and recommended mobile applications that seem to be invaluable.  Additionally, feel like I'm coming away with some tangible steps and a plan to implement some of these immediately."

"I definitely benefited from this course. I now realize the importance of LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook, videos and having a dynamic website. Our marketing person and others in the office have pushed me in direction of incorporating these new tools in our efforts. I am glad a lot of this doesn't cost much money!"

"The course showed me how to utilize social media so that I could incorporate in my business."
"I took this course because I'm the most technologically challenged person around. Mainly because in my past life, I'd always had a "tech guy" assigned to me who sat right outside my office. Now - I'm tweaking my FB, actually going to open a Twitter Account, and am going back to reinvent my website! Thank you, Todd!"
     - Susie Wallis, San Antonio, TX

"Course was excellent and surpassed my expectations.  Todd is a wealth of information that we can put to use immediately!!"

"I learned that technology has advanced past where my company is currently standing. Need to advance or be left behind."

"The course gave me many leads on how to begin to implement social media into my company."

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