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Learn to use the latest technology* to analyze income and investment real estate as well as tenant and landlord leases.

* A tablet device (iPad/Android/Surface) or laptop computer is highly recommended for an optimum learning experience.
Course Highlights:

Receive and learn how to use the technology used to analyze an investment and commercial property.  From rental house to multi-million dollar office building, get hands-on instruction on how to:
  • Perform investment return analyses in just 5 minutes
  • Master CAP Rate calculations & compare to actual investment return
  • Perform 1031 Exchange calculations
  • Compare multiple leases to identify the best lease option, including actual lease value and cost for the Tenant and Landlord perspectives
  • Simple Lease vs Own analyses
  • Create stellar client presentations in the field within minutes

Course Outline:

Cash Flow Model

  • Describe Cash Flow Model
  • Calculation and importance of NOI
Common Investment Measures
  • Review common investment measures
  • Review Capitalization Rate
  • Learn new tool to easily calculate and remember CAP Rate
  • Review Cash-on-Cash return
  • Discuss Yield versus CAP
Measuring Tools
  • Measure distances on a map with a mobile device
  • Measure/calculate area (in square feet or acres) with a mobile device
Financial Analysis Calculators
  • Perform hands-on calculations
  • Calculators covered:
           Mortgage payments, Annual Debt Service, Amortization
           Time Value of Money (TVM)
           Internal Rate of Return and IRR / NPV
           Rules of Thumb:  CAP Rate and Cash-on-Cash

Loan Amount Analysis
  • Complete a loan amount analysis
  • Interpret results
  • Determine maximum loan based on DSCR and LTV requirements
  • Perform sensitivity analysis on loan amount due to changes in:
           Interest rate  ---  Amortization  ---  Net Operating Income

Investment Analysis
  • Complete a 5 and 10 year investment analysis
  • Interpret results
Target CAP Rate
  • Using the Investor’s required Cash-on-Cash return, students determine required CAP rate for property
  • Interpret results
1031 Exchange Calculator
  • Using the 1031 Exchange calculator, identify how much gain can be deferred for the client
Lease Evaluation
  • Evaluate option of purchasing or leasing a property, and determine which is best for the property user
  • Compare two leases side-by-side to determine the best alternative for the user, and actual cost of lease
  • Make recommendation for tenant from ‘tenant rep’ perspective
  • Review same scenario from landlord perspective
  • Make recommendation from ‘landlord rep’ perspective
  • Make final identification of most advantageous position for the user:  to lease or purchase the property
All attendees of this course receive a FREE† subscription to TheAnalyst® PRO

†1-month subscription (a $16 value)
What will this course do for you?
  • Provide the newest, cutting-edge mobile technology for real estate financial analysis
  • Teach you how to interpret reporting results
  • Empower you to run scenarios and make recommendations to your client/investor from within the field
  • Provide your clients elegant reports to back up your analysis

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