What do you get with a subscription to TheAnalyst PRO

Short answer, A Lot.

Long answer, well that’s going to take a moment. 


First and foremost, you get access to unrivaled financial analytics for evaluating cash-flowing commercial real estate assets. From discounted cash flow reports to Pro Forma and Comparative Lease Analyses, you can measure the financial health of any potential deal. 

Due Diligence

With TheAnalyst PRO, you can run FEMA floodplain reports, pull FBI crime statistics, dive into ESRI demographics, and even evaluate potential environmental issues before putting a dime into feasibility.

Marketing for Your Listings & Potential Listings

TheAnalyst PRO gives you access to a vast array of Offering Memorandums, Flyers, Brochures, Email Campaign Templates, and can even create a Property Website with NDA functionality. Tie this all together with our brand new iframe widget for displaying your inventory of listings on your website and you have every tool you could possibly need for showcasing your client’s assets to the world. 

Even More Features

Finally, there are an array of additional features including a property tour and rating system that automatically calculates the best route between sites and allows you to take pictures and document your notes as you do your walkthroughs. Be sure to download our iOS or Android app for the best experience with this one! 

Better yet - it's the best value of its kind in the market!

All of these powerful and time-saving features can be had for the incredibly low price of $599.99 per year!

That's less than $2/day!