Made me a lot of money

The tips, the tricks, the strategies, the education I learned... it has helped me immensely. It's made me a lot of money.
Charles Wells
RE/MAX Top Realty

Incredible immersion

You're engaged, you're really learning and really getting great takeaways.
Phoebe Nason

Looking forward to taking this to some of my clients

Great introduction... the key terms, key financial measures used to calculate return, calculate value on commercial investment estate properties.
Michael Surges
Residential Broker, Coldwell Banker

Perfect overview of commercial

There are so many applicable things that we do.... he really gave us a well balanced overview of everything covered.
Patty Reimann & Jamie Smith
Heritage Title - Colorado

Highly recommend this class

Highly recommend this class to EVERYONE, that has any relationship with commercial property...
Susan Mooney
Commercial & Residential REALTOR

WOW! Great value.

WOW! Great value. I got my mojo back!
Larry Culbertson
President, Director
PHP Commercial

Loved it!

The light came on for me during this class. ...this class gave me some tools to start my commercial real estate business.
Sabre L. Cofer

Very enlightening!

I've been in commercial real estate for 40 years. I've been to four of Todd's presentations, and every time I learn something new.
Charlie Lockwood
Managing Director
KW Commercial, Atlanta Perimeter

Tools invaluable in the field

An amazing class! He (Todd) provided tools that are invaluable in the field, making me feel all the more confident going out into the field as a commercial agent.
Mia Marchand
KW Commercial Miami

A wealth of information

It gives you the knowledge you need to be good counsel to your customers.
Lysis Castro
Residential Specialist, Miami Beach

Unexpected benefit

I'm blown away by how incredible of an experience it was.
Jim McCoy
Managing Director
KW Commercial Miami

Awesome course

I really enjoyed getting back to the basics, and taking on some new technology. Putting those together... is really going to springboard me back into my future, that is very, very bright right now.
David Dunn, CCIM, SIOR
Managing Director
SVN Dunn Commercial

I promise you will learn something new

Todd's course is invaluable to anyone who takes it. Not only does he provide key information and skills of the industry, but he also explains WHY the information or skill is important from both general and technical perspectives. His presentations are clear, concise and kept my attention. I highly recommend this course to beginners OR veterans of Commercial Real Estate. I promise you will learn something new either way!
Caitlin M.

For anyone new to the field as well as seasoned professionals

This class was one of the best for commercial real estate professionals. I would highly recommend it for anyone new to the field as well as seasoned professionals who need a refresher course on materials. It was well worth the time. Todd did an outstanding job presenting the information.
Randal Levingston

Filled with outstanding techology

I have been in Commercial Real Estate for over 27 years and this class covered topics rarely discussed in the multitude of CE courses I have taken. It was fast paced and filled with outstanding technology.
Jerry Heaton

Tools to start my commercial real estate business

The light came on for me during this class. Being new to commercial real estate, this class helped me immensely with the terminology and gave me some tools to start my commercial real estate business. LOVED IT!
Sabre L. Cofer

Worth the 4 hour drive

I'm amazed at the amount of great information that Todd shared with our class in a two day period. This was well worth the 4 hour drive.
Todd Akers

One of the best classes

Excellent teacher never a wasted moment. One of the best classes.
Ray Shellam

Best commercial training... most usable information

This class was the best commercial training the most usable information that I have attended in my 10 year tenure as a commercial broker. Will attend future classes from Todd and will recommend other commercial brokers/agents in my office to attend. Todd has a wealth of knowledge and presentation skills superior to all other commercial instructors attended. Thank you.
Ronald G McCoy, Keller Williams - Commercial Division Plano, TX

Next level of success in your business

This dynamic class and presentation will open avenues and assist you in achieving that next level of success in your business.
Mike Sharman

For all levels of skill

Billed as valuable for all levels of skill and it was.
Moore Matthews

Recommend it to anyone

One of the most informative training sessions I have taken. I would recommend it to anyone in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Todd is one of the most knowledgeable & informed instructors I have had in my 45 years. I look forward my next class with him.

A must take class

This class was phenomenal. If you are new to the business, this is a MUST take class. If you are a seasoned broker, there is PLENTY to re-learn, as well as new technology that is Highly effective. Take this class and your sales and productivity will triple if you implement the systems.

Unbelievable collection of current resources

Information on investor mindset and investor/client presentation examples, along with technical resources/apps/tools were collectively FANTASTIC! Class was STUNNING! (And, I'm not being generous!) Open discussion, fast-paced, deluge of information, one-stop shop for unbelievable collection of current resources, and knowledgeable facilitator. Todd was masterful. My past life was training and I can expertly say that he brought his A-Game. He is inclusive, thorough, motivating, encouraging, and spot-on!
Cathy Morris, KW

A must take course

If you are new to the Commercial RE market this is a must take course worth much more than the training fee! Todd makes it fun and is very enthusiastic !
Jorge Couto

Cutting edge information

Todd's class covers some current, cutting edge information on finance and market analysis, but is presented in a way that is fun and approachable. Great class.
Michael Paul Bonner