Multifamily Analysis and Marketing

Multifamily is a hot topic in commercial real estate these days!
We decided to do an update of where things stand, and how TheAnalyst PRO can helpwork those multifamily deals with great speed and little effort... Read more...

First Impressions Matter: Distinguished Testimonial from TheAnalyst PRO’s Inaugural Customer

TheAnalyst PRO's First Customer: Karl Landreneau, CCIM, SIOR and NAI Latter & Blum

In 2011, Karl Landreneau, CCIM, SIOR and his office became TheAnalyst PRO's first customers! 
• Decades of Commercial Real Estate and Analysis ExperienceAbout 13 years ago, Karl and his team of 110 agents at NAI Latter & Blum were searching for a system that could streamline the creation of financial analyses and marketing materials... Read more...

Artificial Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate!

 Create Property Overviews and Descriptions in SECONDS using TheAnalyst PRO's ChatGPT!
In March of 2023, TheAnalyst PRO integrated ChatGPT functionality and vastly improved your ability to generate an array of marketing materials! Over a year later, and we have upgraded to the latest ChatGPT 4 language model, allowing you to generate up-to-date property descriptions and overviews in mere seconds!With an incredibly simple single-step process, you can generate perfectly written property overviews, descriptions, or even informative content... Read more...

EXPLAINED: Optimal Holding Period

Understanding Optimal Holding Period in Commercial Real Estate
When it comes to commercial real estate investments, timing can be just as crucial as location. One of the most strategic decisions an investor can make is determining the optimal holding period for their property... Read more...

Client Testimonial: Joseph Dusch

 We are truly honored to hear such positive feedback from Joseph Dusch of Gundaker Commercial Group!
Thank you so much for your support - 
We can’t wait to see your next big win!

How did you hear about TheAnalyst PRO?
I had my business partner chirping in my ear, Joe you gotta check out TheAnalyst PRO it gives you so many advantages with marketing and wowing clients to win listings... Read more...

Navigating the Waves of Fluctuating Interest Rates: Leverage in Commercial Real Estate

In today's economic climate, where interest rates seem to change as often as the weather, understanding the impact of leverage on commercial real estate investments is more crucial than ever... Read more...

Unlock Smarter Real Estate Decisions with Comparative Lease Analysis Reports

As a commercial real estate professional, you know that every decision needs to be backed by data and careful analysis. When evaluating potential lease opportunities, having the right information at your fingertips is critical to making informed choices that protect and guide your clients... Read more...

TheAnalyst® PRO vs. Argus vs. Excel

Are you looking to analyze a commercial real estate asset? You have a few options:
You could open a blank Excel spreadsheet, sign up for Argus, or bring up TheAnalyst PRO on the device in your hand... Read more...

Unleash the Power of Investment Analysis with TheAnalyst PRO’s Cutting-Edge Comparison Reports

Investment Analysis Comparison Reports
As a savvy commercial real estate investor or professional, you know that making informed decisions is key to maximizing returns and mitigating risk... Read more...

What to Look for in a CRE Platform

Top Five Things to Look for in a Commercial Real Estate Software Package

It seems like there are a myriad of options when it comes to tools for your commercial real estate brokerage... Read more...

Maximize Your Team's Efficiency with TheAnalyst PRO!

Utilizing TheAnalyst® PRO for Groups
TheAnalyst® PRO is the perfect tool for brokerage offices and teams of CRE professionals. In this article, we will share the top 4 ways to collaborate with your colleagues... Read more...

Thirteen Years and Counting With TheAnalyst PRO

How Far We've Come 

We started this journey all the way back in 2011
During our humble beginnings, we launched TheAnalyst exclusively on the iPhone via the app store... Read more...

Profitable CRE Insights

 CRE Training Exclusive
BPOs and KPIs Simplified with TheAnalyst PRO

In this training session, we focus on using TheAnalyst PRO to perform Price Analysis, a crucial step in determining a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) that reflects the true market value of your commercial property... Read more...

Understanding WALE: A Key Metric in Commercial Real Estate Investments

What is WALE?
When it comes to commercial real estate investments, one key metric that stands out is WALE, or Weighted Average Lease Expiry. 
This measure is crucial for investors and property managers as it provides insight into the stability and longevity of the income generated from a property... Read more...

The Right Tool For Winning CRE Deals

What do you get with a subscription to TheAnalyst PRO? Short answer, A Lot.

Long answer, well that’s going to take a moment. 
First and foremost, you get access to unrivaled financial analytics for evaluating cash-flowing commercial real estate assets... Read more...

Mastering Lease Analysis with TheAnalyst PRO

Training Recap:Mastering Lease Analysis with TheAnalyst PRO

The value of an investment property is the income from that property. The income from that property is Acquisition • Disposition
Price Sensitivity: Explained
Written by: Bryce BertaSales Executive for TheAnalyst PRO and Commercial Real Estate practitioner

Every broker and investor wishes they had a crystal ball that could show them exactly how every deal was going to go... Read more...

1-Year Proforma Cash Flow Projections

 Maximizing CRE Investment: The Key Role of 1-Year Proforma Cash Flow Projections

TheAnalyst PRO's new 1-Year Proforma Cash Flow Summary report is crucial for real estate investments for several reasons, three of which we examine here:

Investment Evaluation:Download Sample ReportThis report provides a detailed look at the expected cash flows from the property over a year... Read more...

1031 Exchange: Regulations and Calculations

 Recap from our Webinar:1031 Exchange Regulations & Tax Deferred Calculations: Simplified

In this collaboration webinar we navigated 1031 Exchange regulations, presented by Asset Preservation and TheAnalyst PRO by CRE Tech... Read more...

Demystifying Equity Multiple in Commercial Real Estate with TheAnalyst PRO

Equity Multiple is a key financial metric in the world of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investments. It's essential for investors to understand this concept to make informed decisions. In this post, we'll explore what Equity Multiple is and how TheAnalyst PRO investment analysis tool can help you calculate it... Read more...

Simplifying IRR and NPV in Commercial Real Estate with TheAnalyst PRO

Effortlessly Calculate Key Investment Measures with This Innovative Platform

Investing in commercial real estate can be a lucrative endeavor, but evaluating the potential of a property requires a thorough understanding of various financial metrics... Read more...

Recommended Commercial Building Replacement Reserves by Property Type

Adequate replacement reserves are crucial for ensuring the long-term financial stability and success of a commercial real estate investment.
Replacement reserves are funds set aside to cover the costs of significant repairs, replacements, or improvements to a commercial property... Read more...

A Game-Changing Solution for Commercial Real Estate

David Schnitzer, 2023 CCIM President, Successfully Closes Commercial Deal Leveraging TheAnalyst PRO

David Schnitzer, CCIM"I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience with Todd Kuhlmann and TheAnalyst PRO, the innovative platform that has revolutionized the way I approach commercial real estate transactions... Read more...