Are you looking to analyze a commercial real estate asset? 

You have a few options:

You could open a blank Excel spreadsheet, sign up for Argus, or bring up TheAnalyst PRO on the device in your hand.

Let's take a look at each of these options in more detail.

You could use Excel, the same software most folks have been using since 1985. But you know Excel is time consuming, requires complicated formulas, and is incredibly susceptible to human error.

Argus, on the other hand, offers an array of financial analytics, but it comes with an extremely expensive annual subscription and a steep learning curve

So, what about TheAnalyst PRO?

Unlike Excel and Argus, TheAnalyst PRO offers a more efficient yet flexible solution, with easy data entry and fully customizable options for income, expenses, reimbursements, financing, and more! 

Its intuitive interface allows users to quickly input data and generate comprehensive reports without the need for complex formulas or extensive training.

Moreover, TheAnalyst PRO provides a comprehensive view of any investment scenario allowing you to instantly create:

  • Portfolio Analyses and Comparative Investment Reports
  • Comparative Lease Analyses
  • 5 and 10 Year Discounted Cash Flow Reports
  • 1 Year Pro Forma
  • Lease Vs. Own Analyses
  • ...and so much more!

Whether you're evaluating leases, assessing potential risks, or exploring different investment options, TheAnalyst PRO empowers you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Additionally, TheAnalyst PRO offers a wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that go far beyond basic financial metrics, providing a comprehensive analysis of any property's financial performance.

From Price Sensitivity and Optimal Holding Period, to Weighted Average Lease Expiry (WALE) and Tenant Rollover analysis, TheAnalyst PRO equips you with the tools you need to evaluate deals with confidence.

Overall, TheAnalyst PRO stands out as a more efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution for analyzing real estate deals compared to Excel and Argus. It saves you time, improves accuracy, and empowers users of all backgrounds to make smarter investment decisions.

Get started with this amazing platform today! Sign up for a demonstration with one of our amazing team members and see how
TheAnalyst PRO can revolutionize your CRE business!

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