Commercial Real Estate Education & Speaking
by Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM

CRE Training provides specialized courses, educating professionals nationwide and internationally, on the topics of Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Technology.

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  • Artificial Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate!

     Create Property Overviews and Descriptions in SECONDS using TheAnalyst PRO's ChatGPT!

    In March of 2023, TheAnalyst PRO integrated ChatGPT functionality and vastly improved your ability to generate an array of marketing materials! 

    Over a year later, and we have upgraded to the latest ChatGPT 4 language model, allowing you to generate up-to-date property descriptions and overviews in mere seconds!

    With an incredibly simple single-step process, you can generate perfectly written property overviews, descriptions, or even informative content... Read more...

  • EXPLAINED: Optimal Holding Period

    Understanding Optimal Holding Period in Commercial Real Estate

    When it comes to commercial real estate investments, timing can be just as crucial as location... Read more...

  • Client Testimonial: Joseph Dusch

     We are truly honored to hear such positive feedback from Joseph Dusch of Gundaker Commercial Group!
    Thank you so much for your support - 
    We can’t wait to see your next big win!

    How did you hear about TheAnalyst PRO?
    I had my business partner chirping in my ear, Joe you gotta check out TheAnalyst PRO it gives you so many advantages with marketing and wowing clients to win listings... Read more...

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