Written, designed and taught by Todd Kuhlmann, an experienced commercial real estate and technology guru, our courses are not your average 'sleeper' sessions.


Designed to be hands-on and interactive, you will walk away knowing the concepts and how to use them to accelerate your real estate business.


We offer the following courses on a regular schedule or by request across the United States.

Commercial RE-Tooled

The Most Comprehensive 2-day Commercial Real Estate Class


- Complete property analysis - valuation, CAP Rate, Cash-on-Cash & IRR/Yield
- Obtain the latest technology tool to complete the analysis for you - quickly with professional results
- Case study driven - hands-on experience with real properties
- Learn market analysis, including demographic trends that impact both residential and commercial demand
- Comparing investment alternatives
- Presentation skills & tools used by top commercial real estate brokers to land that next big deal
- Maximizing profit for yourself and your clients
- Learn how to show your clients the long-term value of their investment
- How to advise your clients on their commercial investments
- Create an extensive investment package essential to representing a commercial property to buyers, investors and brokers
- Save time by quickly creating the top investment proformas and cutting-edge Offering Memorandums (OMs)


Module I - Essentials of CRE

I. Investment Alternatives
II. Property Types and Components of each
III. Public and Private Investors

Module 2 - Commercial Leases
I. Lease Types
II. Lease Clauses
III. Lease Analysis
IV. Comparing Lease Alternatives

Module 3 - Financial Analysis
I. Cash Flow Analysis
II. Property Operating Forms
III. Investment Measures: CAP Rate, Cash-on-Cash, ROI, IRR

Module 4 - Financing
I. Equity and Debt
II. Financing Terminology and Terms
III. Impact of Leverage
IV. Positive, Neutral, Negative Leverage

Module 5 - Market Analysis
I. Demographics & Psychographics
II. Analysis Reports
III. Predicting Future Property Value

Module 6 - Commercial Offering Memorandums (OMs)
I. Create a complete Commercial Package, including:
a. Investment Analysis
b. Demographic Analysis
c. Location Risk Analysis

Module 7 - Winning Presentations
I. Presentation Skills
II. Custom CRE Listing and Sale Presentations

Case Study:
Complete analysis of Apartment and multi-tenant Commercial properties