Written, designed and taught by Todd Kuhlmann, an experienced commercial real estate and technology guru, our courses are not your average 'sleeper' sessions.


Designed to be hands-on and interactive, you will walk away knowing the concepts and how to use them to increase your real estate business.


We offer the following courses on a regular schedule or by request across the United States.

Commercial RE-Tooled

The Most Comprehensive 2-day Commercial Real Estate Class


- Complete property analysis - valuation, CAP Rate, Cash-on-Cash & IRR/Yield
- Obtain the latest technology tool to complete the analysis for you - quickly with professional results
- Case study driven - works hands-on experience with real properties
- Learn market analysis, including demographic trends that impact both residential and commercial demand
- Comparing investment alternatives
- Presentation skills & tools used by top commercial real estate brokers to land that next big deal
- Create an extensive investment package essential to representing a commercial property to buyers, investors and brokers
- Maximizing profit for yourself and your clients
- Learn how to show your clients the long-term value of their investment
- How to advise your clients on their commercial investments
- Commercial real estate resources, including listing services, research resources, technology tools and networking organizations


Module I - Essentials of CRE

I. Investment Alternatives
II. Property Types and Components of each
III. Public and Private Investors

Module 2 - Commercial Leases
I. Lease Types
II. Lease Clauses

Module 3 - Financial Analysis
I. Time Value of Money
II. Property Operating Forms
III. Investment Measures

Module 4 - Financing
I. Equity and Debt
II. Financing terminology and terms
III. Financing resources
IV. Positive, Neutral, Negative Leverage

Module 5 - Market Analysis
I. Demographics & Psychographics
II. Analysis Reports
III. ESRI & Site To Do Business (STDB)
IV. Apps

Module 6 - Commercial RE Listing, Association and Research Sources
I. Listing Services
II. Commercial Associations
III. Research Sources

Module 7 - Analysis Tools
I. Apps
II. Spreadsheets
III. TheAnalyst PRO

Case Study
I. Property proposal
II. Students complete cash flow analysis
III. Teams present to potential buyer
IV. Compare investments and discuss best investment for the buyer

Module 8 - Presentations Skills