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How did you hear about TheAnalyst PRO?

I had my business partner chirping in my ear, Joe you gotta check out TheAnalyst PRO it gives you so many advantages with marketing and wowing clients to win listings... it sets you above the rest. 

How has TheAnalyst PRO helped your business?

You can knock out an OM in 10 minutes at any point with TheAnalyst PRO!

Otherwise, I have to get with my marketing coordinator and see if they're free. But that may take up to a week at some points. Especially if its really busy in the office. 

Having the convenience of creating Flyers, OMs, and also analytics with finance involved to show your clients IRR and loan information is very pertinent and its not something you can find just looking out and doing something yourself. The automation is probably the biggest advantage for me. 

Its helped me win a 4 or 5 million dollar listing and its helped me win listings as little as 250,000 dollars or strip centers that I am leasing out at 10 to 12 dollars a square foot. The range of automation you can use to win things is great!

Who is TheAnalyst PRO for?

I would say, anyone can use it and get an advantage. 

But your local brokerages that have to bump elbows with the national brokerages and have to do things on the fly on their own, especially those that cant rely on a support team, this is the perfect tool to be right at the same level, if not above some of those marketing teams that you're going against on nationally traded brokerages. 

So, for the little guy to come up and look and feel as if they are one of the big guys feels really nice.

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