David Schnitzer, 2023 CCIM President, Successfully Closes Commercial Deal Leveraging TheAnalyst PRO

image: David Schnitzer, CCIM headshot
David Schnitzer, CCIM
"I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience with Todd Kuhlmann and TheAnalyst PRO, the innovative platform that has revolutionized the way I approach commercial real estate transactions. As the 2023 President of the CCIM Institute and long-time member of TheAnalyst PRO, I can confidently say that TheAnalyst PRO has been given me an edge up on each of my transactions.

Recently, I closed a large commercial transaction that I genuinely believe would not have been possible without the assistance of TheAnalyst PRO. This platform's comprehensive analysis and marketing tools helped me navigate the complexities of the deal, allowing me to present a persuasive and well-structured proposal to my clients.

From the very beginning, Todd and his team have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, always providing timely support and guidance whenever needed. Their in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate industry, combined with the intuitive and user-friendly design of TheAnalyst PRO, made the entire process seamless and efficient.

image: grey box with text "...TheAnalyst PRO, the innovative platform that has revolutionized the way I approach commercial real estate transactions.

TheAnalyst PRO's robust financial analysis tools enabled me to assess the deal's viability and profitability with ease, giving both me and my clients the confidence to move forward with the transaction. The platform's marketing features, including the customizable property reports and compelling presentation materials, allowed me to showcase the opportunity in the most appealing and professional manner.

I wholeheartedly recommend Todd Kuhlmann and TheAnalyst PRO to anyone involved in the commercial real estate industry. The platform has been a game-changer for my business, enabling me to close deals more effectively, build stronger relationships with my clients, and solidify my reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable professional."

David Schnitzer, CCIM
Partner at ASCEND Commercial Real Estate‚Ä®
2023 President, CCIM Institute


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TheAnalyst PRO by CRE Tech proudly acknowledges the invaluable partnership with David Schnitzer and the entire CCIM Tech team. 

We're delighted to provide our innovative platform to all CCIM and STDB members, enhancing their experience and empowering their professional success. Together, we strive for continued growth and collaboration in the commercial real estate sector.