App usage on mobile devices continues its uphill climb. From 2015 to 2016, Yahoo’s Flurry Analytics saw an overall app usage growth of 11% (as illustrated in graph below) and time spent in apps increased a whopping 69%.

Image courtesy of Flurry Analytics

A shift in app usage
But what industry experts are now noticing for the first time is a significant change in type of usage. It seems less time is being spent in personalization apps and games; while business, communication, social and sports app usage topped the chart for growth in time spent. Apps used on a daily basis in the Business and Finance category saw a hefty increase of 43% in time spent.

Analysts attribute this increase to an uptick in mobile activities and a reliance on real time data. At CRE Tech® , we have noticed a similar pattern of increased time spent within TheAnalyst®PRO application.

Time spent within TheAnalyst PRO grows
Analysis generated within TheAnalyst PRO on mobile devices has increased 54% in just the past 6 months--that's a full 11% over the national average for time spent in Business and Finance apps.

The top reports created were Investment Analysis (5- & 10-year), Property Tour and Rating (Sale & Lease) and Comparative Lease Analysis.

Enhancements provide increased capability
As reliance on mobile technology in the commercial real estate industry strengthens, TheAnalyst PRO continues to add functionality. The application was recently enhanced with after-tax and line-item expense capabilities, making the Investment Analysis Report even more extensive.

Minimal required inputs, speed-to-market delivery and premium analysis reports are must-haves for CRE professionals using TheAnalyst PRO on desktops and mobile devices.