Commercial Real Estate Education & Speaking
by Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM

CRE Training provides specialized courses, educating professionals nationwide and internationally, on the topics of Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Technology.

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  • Leveraging TheAnalyst PRO for Cutting-Edge CRE Marketing


    Take-aways from our Webinar:Master the New Property Listing Website Widget & Office Admin Panel

    Watch the Recorded Webinar Here

    Significant enhancements have been added to TheAnalyst PRO, raising the bar for property marketing and significantly boosting efficiency at the office level!
    Let's dive right in!
    Property Listing Website WidgetThis allows you to now market all of your active properties in one display, which can be placed on your professional website... Read more...

  • Price Sensitivity Analyses


    Acquisition • DispositionPrice Sensitivity: Explained
    Written by: Bryce BertaSales Executive for TheAnalyst PRO and Commercial Real Estate practitioner

    Every broker and investor wishes they had a crystal ball that could show them exactly how every deal was going to go... Read more...

  • 1-Year Proforma Cash Flow Projections


    Maximizing CRE Investment: The Key Role of 1-Year Proforma Cash Flow Projections

    TheAnalyst PRO's new 1-Year Proforma Cash Flow Summary report is crucial for real estate investments for several reasons, three of which we examine here:

    Investment Evaluation:Download Sample ReportThis report provides a detailed look at the expected cash flows from the property over a year... Read more...

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