Commercial Real Estate Education & Speaking
by Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM

CRE Training provides specialized courses, educating professionals nationwide and internationally, on the topics of Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Technology.

At this time, we are primarly conducting corporate trainings, CCIM classes and speaking engagements - both online and in-person.

Contact us directly for corporate education and speaking engagements.


  • Prospecting & Deal Winning Made Easy


    Key Takeaways from our Webinar:
    Prospecting & Deal Winning Made Easy 
    A collaboration between
    Presented by:Steve Wayne, Founder & CEO ProspectNowTodd Kuhlmann, CCIM, Founder & CEO of TheAnalyst® PRO by CRE Tech®, Inc... Read more...

  • Garbage In / Garbage Out: How The Accuracy of Data Can Impact Your Investments


    One of the most important factors when looking at purchasing an investment property is to take a close look at the Net Operating Income (NOI). This is to ensure an investor is paying the appropriate amount at the time of purchase, and can properly project the potential future sales price of the property... Read more...

  • Turn your Offering Memorandums into Property Websites & Flipbooks in Minutes


    Takeaways from our Webinar:
    Turning your OMs into Property Websites & Flipbooks

    TheAnalyst PRO new enhancements featured in this webinar:
    ★ Updated Property Website Template Options ★
    ★  Flipbook Presentation Format ★

    (samples above - customizable to your logo colors)

    This webinar not only demoed our newest features, it also emphasized the speediness in which you can create these eye-catching marketing pieces!

    Here are the key takeaways:
    Speed-to-Market  a business strategy that withstands timeIf you can get to your customers quickly, you instantly have an advantage over your competitors... Read more...

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