Now, Send TheAnalyst PRO Widget Generated Leads to ClientLook

We are happy to announce our newest integration with ClientLook. Now, leads generated from
your TheAnalyst® PRO-powered widgets can go straight to your ClientLook Virtual
Assistant! Save significant time processing and responding to the incoming
leads that are critical to your success...

Lee & Associates' Allen Buchanan on Using TheAnalyst® PRO for Speed-to-Market Transactions

Tech's Founder & CEO, Todd Kuhlmann, caught up with Allen Buchanan, Principal at Lee &
Associates headquarters in Orange, California, earlier this month.

In this video testimonial, Allen shares how TheAnalyst® PRO helped them sign a $9M investment deal... Read more...

TheAnalyst® PRO Software Now Integrates with ClientLook

ClientLook and CRE Tech®’s TheAnalyst® PRO users have something to
celebrate! TheAnalyst® PRO and ClientLook
are now integrated so you can connect easier than ever before... Read more...